03/2017 – present

Senior Front End Engineer, Full-time

Main developer and architect for the new front-end architecture realized in Vue.js (version 3), Vuex, TypeScript, Google Maps, Leaflet, Geo Location, and integrating it with the legacy front-end that is built on older Knockout.js code. Created a new foundation for all the new components, developed many custom components, improved performance and time to delivery for new functionality by establishing best practices, standards, unit tests requirements. This integration enabled the company to acquire major customers like Subway, Burger King, Kroger, Pizza Hut, KFC, and many others that were initially reluctant to use the platform because of lack of advanced features.
Other early accomplishments: Replaced a synchronous client-side CSV file import that used to take hours to import just under 3000 rows with an asynchronous server-side import that takes less than 10 minutes for a much larger file of 150,000 rows, and updated all the existing UI, Knockout and Typescript to support the new asynchronous import process. Implemented a brand new app called Sandbox where customers can run different experiments by tweaking some of their sites attributes and explore how those tweaks affect revenue predictions. Worked on changes around the custom reporting built in within the app. Redesign the SASS structure for generating CSS with different themes and allow for better encapsulation and reduce code bloat. Worked on major performance improvements in different areas of the app. Created early prototypes with Angular, React, and Vue to research feasibility of replacing the older Knockout code with a more modern MV* framework.


09/2016 – 03/2017

Senior Front End Engineer, Full-time

now DXC https://www.dxc.technology/

Part of the HCM team dedicated to extending and integrating Cornerstone Training Platform with additional technologies. Mainly focused on front-end development custom reporting using MV* frameworks to extend legacy applications. For example, completed a Custom Reporting Solution for Dunkin Brands (Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins) using Angular. Technologies used daily: Vue.js, Angular, Aurelia, React, JavaScript/ES6, Html, Node, Gulp, SASS/CSS, Mocha/Chai.

Chander Dhall, Inc.

07/2015 – present

Full Stack Software Engineer, Contract

Client: Wilmer Hale

Worked on a database-driven forms system based on Knockout, Kendo UI, Twitter Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server using an EAV architecture (Entity, Attribute, Value) for database storage. The existing initial version had been developed using Razor and lots of jQuery and was quickly evolving into spaghetti code. I was able to contribute by introducing Knockout and separation of concerns, eliminating Razor and using ASP.NET MVC controllers only as an API. Furthermore, I was able to deliver a much better user experience with Knockout and delivering the final project several weeks earlier than it was originally estimated. I also had to enhance and extend the original implementation of some plugins like Bootstrap Typeahead, Datetimepicker, Chosen for dropdowns and multi-selects, to conform to specific customer requirements. Technologies used: JavaScript, JSON, Knockout, KendoUI, Aurelia, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server

Full Stack Software Engineer, Contract

Department of Engineering and Technology

Part of the core team working on the new Nielsen Collection APIs realized with Node.js as a RESTful API. Responsible for implementing unit tests (TDD and BDD), refactoring, enhancing performance and scalability, providing architecture recommendations, documenting, creating POCs and client demos, load tests, setups for high availability both in house data centers and scaling up into the cloud for handling high-demand spikes. Working daily on sustained 50k concurrent users load test with 2 load balancers and 8 servos to achieve SLA of average response time below 50ms. Technologies used: JavaScript, Node.js, Redis, Redis Sentinel, Redis Notifier, RabbitMQ, Express, Restify, Mocha/Chai/Should/Supertest, Gulp, Underscore.js, amqp.js, ESLint/JSHint, JSDoc, OSX/Linux, Modulus.io

Entensive, Inc.

01/2015 – present

Lead Software Architect and UI Developer, Co-founder

Mostly responsible for the overall architecture and development of a distributed SAAS system that uses Artificial Intelligence which purpose is to enhance social media strategies for individuals and businesses. Worked intensively on the user interface, which is entirely based on the Aurelia framework. Also responsible for architecting and prototyping additional project that apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in areas other than Social Media. Technologies mostly used by the company are Node.js, Redis, Nginx, RabbitMQ, AureliaJS, TensorFlow. Programming languages mostly used are Javascript, Python, C#, cloud hosting is Azure SQL, Azure Bing Search (Cognitive Service), Azure SendGrid (transactional emails)

Full Stack Software Engineer, Full-time

Law and Business Division

Part of the ComplyTrack 6 team. Worked on implementing new functionality and also bug fixes and maintenance of the web application, about 60% of the time on front-end and 40% of the time on back-end. ComplyTrack 6 is used for managing risk and compliance by major hospitals and other lines of businesses (Legal/Regulatory, Finance/Compliance, Tax/Accounting. Technologies used: JavaScript, Knockout.js, JSON, Raphael.js, ASP.NET MVC, C#, LINQ, IIS, Unit Tests, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, TFS, JIRA.

Full Stack Mobile Software Engineer, Full-Time

Responsible for maintenance/enhancements to the Mad-X platform which is a C# ASP.NET MVC platform used to feed mobile websites and mobile applications for several e-commerce sites. Worked with the senior team providing new architecture guidance and strategy for improving the performance of the live data-mapping technology. Experience with e-commerce frameworks and integrations. Technologies used daily: ASP.NET MVC, C#, MEF, LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, SQL Server and SSIS, IIS, JSON, jQuery, Knockout.js, Node.js, Node Express, Node.io, XAML (worked on the Windows 8 tablet app for Office Depot).

Full Stack Software Engineer, Full-Time

Online Engineering/Web Measurement

Responsible for implementing the solution, maintaining it, gathering requirements, estimating/planning/scheduling version releases. The Dashboard is a SPA (Single Page Application) realized with ASP.NET MVC, WCF, MEF, EF, Dependency Injection, SQL Server, JSON, jQuery, Knockout.js, MVVM, jQuery DataTables, HighCharts.Net. Worked in SQL Server and SSIS to create many ETL jobs to gather data from Nielsen collection infrastructure, aggregate the data and de-normalize it to serve the complex custom reports needed by the internal stakeholders for capacity planning through the Web Census Dashboard. Created several proof of concepts and benchmarked different solutions, including Nginx, Node.js and others, to explore possible solutions before re-writing a legacy collection system used by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings that was originally implemented as an Apache module in C. Technologies used: JavaScript, C#, WCF, ASP.NET, HttpHandlers, Web Services, MEF, Dependency Injection, SQL Server, SSIS, ETL, PostegreSQL, LINQ, IIS, jQuery, KnockoutJS, MVVM, HighCharts.Net, proof of concepts with Apache, Nginx, Amazon Web Services, Reactive Extensions, RxJS, Apache Benchmark, Node.js, MongoDB, RavenDB.

Full Stack Software Engineer, Full-Time

Provided architecture guidance and hands-on development for the new OncInsight bioinformatics platform and the ETL and aggregation of data in the datawarehouse. Managed a small team of .NET consultants and internal developers. OncInsight is a multi-tier application realized with ASP.NET (C#), Ajax, JSON, jQuery, jTemplates, DataTables.Net, SQL Server, SSIS, ETL, Data warehouse, Web Services/WCF, SOLR (Apache Lucene), Amazon Web Services. OncInsights software analyzes cancerous tissue to then generate a complete genomic picture of over 20,000 genes and corresponding molecular pathways that uniquely define a person’s cancer. It then identifies over-expressed genes and output a list of drugs that can target them by applying several proprietary algorithms. Additionally, it gathers supporting clinical evidence from several public sources like PubMed and ClinicalTrials.gov that further validate the efficacy of the drugs chosen and their targets. This information is then delivered to the frontline oncology partners who can quickly review hundreds of drugs that specifically target the molecular basis of a person’s unique cancer. Technologies used: C# .NET 4.0, ASP.NET, jQuery, jTemplates, DataTables.net, SQL Server, SSIS, ETL, SQL Server Reporting Services, Data warehouse, SQL Profiler, LINQ, Entity Framework 4, SOLR, Amazon Web Services, Subversion, BugTracker.NET, Assembla, Visio, IIS 7, iOS (iPhone/iPad).